Read our Roadmap for the Pigsby HUB and Pigsby Token

Explore our roadmap and catch a glimpse of our exciting future ahead. Witness our vision come to life as we unveil upcoming milestones, innovative features and groundbreaking developments. Stay connected and be part of our journey towards a brighter tomorrow.

Discover the full roadmap in our Whitepaper, packed with detailed information.

Stage 1

Pigsby HUB

  • ✅ Launch Website V1
  • ✅ Launch Website V2: Pigsby HUB
  • ⚙️  Building Pigsby Forum
  • ⚙️  Building Pigsby Crypto News Feed
  • ⚙️  Building Community
  • ⚙️  Marketing Pigsby HUB

Pigsby Token

  • ✅ Launch Token
  • ✅ Lock Team Wallet
  • ✅ Adding Liquidity
  • ✅ Burn 95% LP tokens
  • ✅ Burning pigsby supply weekly
  • ⚙️  Waiting for Etherscan update
  • ⚙️  Marketing Pigsby token
  • ⚙️  List on Coinmarketcap & Coingecko
  • 🚧  Rewards for pigsby holders
  • 🚧  1000 Pigsby holders

Stage 2

Pigsby HUB

  • Building Educational Resources
  • Building Trading School
  • Building Reward System

Pigsby Token

  • Install Governance mechanism
  • Listing on CEX’s
  • Burning pigsby supply weekly
  • Marketing
  • Rewards for pigsby holders
  • 10000 holders

Stage 3

Pigsby HUB

  • NFT Collection

Pigsby Token

  • Comply with MICA
  • Listing on CEX’s
  • Listing on Major CEX’s
  • Burning pigsby supply weekly
  • Marketing Pigsby token
  • Rewards for pigsby holders


  •  Finishing all aspects of the Pigsby HUB and Pigsby token
  • Changes can be implemented over time on our roadmap, we allowing holders to have a say in the direction of the project


Token Burn

09 July 2023

Just witnessed an incredible milestone! In our 8th week, we burned 380,989,583 Pigsby tokens.

The community’s dedication to growth and sustainability is truly inspiring. Let’s keep up the momentum and continue building a brighter future together!

Building Community

25 June 2023

We’re hard at work building our community at Pigsby. Join us on this exciting journey as we strive to create a vibrant space for crypto investors.

Stay tuned for updates and get ready to go hog wild with us! Platform

16 June 2023

Busy days at

The team is hustling, coding, and designing to bring you the best user friendly online platform ever!

Stay tuned for updates and get ready to go hog wild with us!