The Pigsby Token

The Pigsby token launched at May 7 2023 and is an exciting community token that has been designed with a unique deflationary mechanism, aimed at benefiting investors and lies at the heart of our Pigsby HUB. With a vision of creating sustainable growth and fostering a strong community, the Pigsby token offers a range of of features and benefits that make it an attractive choice for all investors.

Update: 30 July 2023, we are working on a updated version of the Pigsby Token.

More information about our tokenomics in our Whitepaper


Initial token supply

Key Features:
ERC-20 Token
No transaction fees

Limited supply
Burning 25% of tokens
Governance system

Initial token distribution:
50% Liquidity pool
25% Burning Wallet
10% for cex listings & liquidity
10% Marketing
5% Locked Team Wallet

We burn Pigsby
tokens every week

Pigsby tokens burnt to date
Next burn in